The Collaboration for Health IT conceptualized and ICE Health Systems has developed an extensive and easy-to-use telehealth and mentoring system securely housed entirely within the Electronic Health Record (EHR). There is no need for multiple systems in the delivery of telehealth or professional mentoring. The Collaboration’s approach enables detailed telehealth services as well as instructional and mentoring services for professionals, regardless of geography, to be provided at any time with great ease. Some advantages and features include:

  • The system is delivered in the Cloud, meaning access anywhere and on any device (web), automatic backups in real-time, and regular refinements delivered effortlessly to all users.
  • ICE’s Telehealth module is fully integrated into the EHR, providing concurrent access to the full patient record without needing additional programs.
  • No additional logins or moving between programs.
  • For optimized and efficient patient care, ICE’s Telehealth module is fully integrated into the patient portal.
  • Security of communications is assured as ICE is the only EHR system to be externally reviewed for security.
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  • ICE provides high quality streaming and allows videos to be viewed both live or on-demand.
  • The telehealth system supports the use of multiple cameras. This feature provides for flexibility of views and enhanced clinical communications.
  • You are able to record all videos. The recordings are able to be accessed at anytime, used as part of the patient record, and reviewed for teaching or other purposes.
  • When recording a session, the provider has the option to attach the recorded video to a patient record or attach the video solely to the dashboard of the providers involved in the video.
  • You can click a button and have the video panel “float” on the screen. Floating the video panel allows you to retain the real time video connection while changing modules and reviewing other essential data within the record.
  • You can demonstrate to others or observe providers conducting procedures through the presentation view of the module. Your learners can also be located anywhere in world. With ICE being in the Cloud, there is no geographic limitation.
  • Include from one to one hundred participants in any session, depending on your specific needs.
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